Tips To Boost Male Fertility

Fertility problems are more and more common amongst couples today. Couples unable to conceive have increased in the last decade with the percentage growing every day. Read more about improving male fertility and to increase sperm count

A couple that has experienced the absence of conception after regular intercourse is referred to as infertile. And men are responsible for infertility up to 40% of the time. However, modern medicine has developed and gives couples hope, with many infertile couples getting pregnant. But, here are some natural remedies to assist in increasing the male sperm count.


Low sperm count can be due to chemicals, drugs, radiation, excessive use of alcohol, smoking, metal exposure and pollution. Sitting in hot baths for long periods or wearing tight-fitting underwear can also suppress sperm production.


To increase your sperm count and motility rate, it is good to consume plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains and help boost fertility. Also, avoid alcohol, artificial flavouring, refined carbohydrates and tobacco. Improve your diet and maintain your weight. When men experience food deprivation it can result in loss of sex drive. Obesity can also be associated with impotence and low sperm count.


Don’t forget to exercise regularly, 4-5 times a week for at least 45 minutes. A healthy and balanced diet will relieve stress and anxiety. If you are unsure about what type of exercise is good for you, you can always get a personal trainer. You should follow a well-structured exercise program to bring your fitness level and weight to an ideal range.


For men, nutritional supplements can help enhance fertility. Supplements that contain vitamins in Dubai will prevent sperm from sticking together, improving your chances at conception. Supplements are known to increase sperm count, testosterone levels and sperm mortality.

Infertility is not something any couple wants to deal with, it is stressful and distressing to say the least. It is also something that puts you down in the dumps, particularly if you know that you are directly responsible for the absence of conception. Fertilsan M is a vitamin in Dubai and if taken for one month will improve the sperm count and take you one step close to becoming fertile and conceiving naturally.

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