How to Make Winged Eyeliner For Every Eye Shape

There is no single way to create the perfect winged liner, despite what eye makeup tutorials may tell you. Every person's eyes are unique, so your ideal winged liner technique and eyeliner products should also be unique.

How do you nail your cat eye? We have compiled the top tips for applying winged eyeliner to every eye shape so that you can choose the right product for you. We've also included a few simple and easy universal hacks that can be used for any eye shape.

Winged tips and cat-eyes are as fierce and individual as the wearer. Have fun trying out different eyeliner looks!

How to make a winged eyeliner for upturned eyes

An upturned eye shape can be defined by a slight turn at the outer corner. To create a perfect winged eyeliner, add a wing to draw attention towards your natural feline flick.

You can use a gel liner, such as the SMASHBOX gel pencil, or a liquid lining pen to create the shape of a scalene triangular outline (remember those high school geometry?). The outer corner of your eyes should be positioned along your upper lash line. To create your wing, extend one end of the triangle to your lower lash line. Fill in the empty space with your liner.

You can take your eyeliner skills to the next level by drawing your upper lash line into your inner corner. You don't need to stop there. Line your upper lash line all the way to the inner corner of your eye with the eyeliner, and create a point to make it cat-eye perfect.

You can experiment with different eyeliners on your lower and upper lash lines to create a bolder look.

How to make a winged eyeliner for downturned eyes

For downturned eyes, the ideal winged eyeliner should lift and lengthen your lash line. Look straight ahead to find the center of your eyelid. It's usually located around your pupil when you look straight. Start by lining your line from the middle of your lash line, working your way outwards towards the outer corner. Keep your eyes open.

Next, draw a line from the inner edge of your eyebrows upward. The bolder you go, the more dramatic the look. You can fill in the tapered wings to your preferred thickness. You can line your inner corner and your bottom lash line to highlight your downturned eye shape. However, you should leave these areas unlined in order to create a longer and more lifted look with eyeliner.

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